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16a Socket and 16a Plug

As a power connector products, the 16a socket and 16a plug have a universal international standard. They are safe and reliable. The socket and plug are used for many applications.

The features of ZZDQ 16a socket and 16a plug

  • Universal standards: As a Chinese industrial socket and plug manufacturer, ZZDQ’ products comply with GB11918 ~ 11919-2001 Industrial plugs and sockets and couplers. This standard equal to the European standards of IEC60309-1 and IEC60309-2. It makes this product easy to distribute globally.
  • Safe color code: The industrial socket and plug, including the 16a products, have a color code system. Each color refers to one voltage range. For example, the yellow socket refers to 110v, the blue one refers to 220v, the red one refers to 380v while the black one refers to 415v. You won’t buy the wrong type as long as you know the voltage of your application.
  • The longer earth pin: The longer earth pin ensures that the earth will be connected in the first place when connecting to the application. And when disconnecting the socket, the earth will be the last one gets disconnected out of all the phase pins. This effectively protects people from electric shock.
  • Higher protection rating: There are IP44 and IP67 for your choice. The higher rating protection allows the products to work in an extreme environment.
  • Good durability: The casing is made of PP / PA material. Both have good performance of anti-impact and anti-corrosion.
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ZZDQ 16a sockets and plugs specifications

Formssocket, plug, coupler, 3-way, 4-way splitter
Installationstraight, panel-mounted, wall-mounted
Coloryellow, blue, red
IP ratingsIP44, IP67
Voltages11v-130v, 200v-250v, 380v-415v
Number of pins2P+E, 3P+E, 4P+E, 7P+E
Earth position4h, 6h
CertificatesCE, ISO, TUV, etc.

16amp sockets and plugs products gallery

3 pins 16a sockets and plugs

16amp socket 3-pin blue

16a socket with 3 pins in blue color code

16amp industrial power connector blue

16a industrial electrical connector in blue color

16a socket 3-pin panel-mounted

panel-mounted type 16a industrial socket with 3 pins

16amp socket 3-pin wall-mounted

wall-mounted type 16a industrial socket with 3 pins

4 pins 16a sockets and plugs

16amp socket 4-pin IP67 red

IP67 waterproof 16a socket with 4 pins red color

IP67 16amp industrial power connector red

IP67 16amp industrial power connector red

16a industrial socket 4-pin panel-mounted

panel-mounted type 16amp industrial socket with 4 pins

16amp socket 4-pin wall-mounted IP67

wall-mounted type 16amp industrial socket with 4 pins

5 pins 16a sockets and plugs

16amp industrial socket 5-pin IP67

5 pins red color 16a industrial socket

waterproof 16amp industrial power connector red

IP67 waterproof 16amp industrial power coupler

16amp industrial socket 5-pin panel-mounted

5-pin 16amp industrial socket panel-mounted type

16amp socket 5-pin wall-mounted waterproof

waterproof wall-mounted type 16a socket with 5 pins

ZZDQ also provide customization service, for special requirement, please send an email to [email protected] for an inquiry.

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