About ZZDQ

ZZDQ is a Chinese industrial plug and socket supplier


ZZDQ is one of the largest industrial plug and socket manufacturers in China.

ZZDQ is a brick-and-mortar comprehensive manufacturer which integrates research & development, the fabrication factory, and selling of the industrial plugs and sockets.

We are known for the largest factory scale, the full product ranges, and the highest quality standard.


ZZDQ manufactures plugs, sockets, and connectors for industrial purposes.

The ampere ranges are widely available from 16A to 420A. 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A are the most popular series.

The voltage ranges are optional below 1000V.

The products fully and strictly comply with IEC / CEE international standard.

The company and all the products are certified by CE, CCC, etc.

The application

The industrial plug and socket manufactured by ZZDQ feature in good resistance performance against dust, water, splash, moisture, corrosion, flame, high temperature, aging, and impact.

The proven products are widely applied in various industries, such as metallurgy, petrochemical engineering, power industry, electrics, building construction, airport, water treatment plant, plastic machinery, IT, military, railway, health care, food, automation, packing machinery, tunnel construction, and entertainment, etc.

DDZQ has full right to import and export, the industrial plugs, and sockets are sold to Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and more.

ZZDQ at industrial socket and plug exhibition
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