BS4343 socket

BS4343 Socket and Plug

As a European standard for industrial socket and plug, the BS4343 standard was first published on September 30th, 1968.

From then on, this standard was used especially the country of UK.

Now it is replaced by the standard of EN 60309-2:1992 and BS 4343:1992.

This standard mainly described the specification details for industrial plugs, sockets, and connectors. For example, the voltage of BS4343 socket and plug is not higher than 750V, and the frequency is lower than 500Hz.

Notwithstanding the unique name, BS4343 socket shares the same characteristics with IEC 60309 socket, CEE socket, CEEform socket, and Commando socket.

All of these products above refer to the common industrial socket and plug products.

ZZDQ BS4343 sockets and plugs features

  • Full range of voltage choices: 20v – 690v

  • Full range of current choices: 16a- 125a

  • Clear color code and pins position are complied according to IEC309

  • All the BS4343 socket products pass the rain test, sand test, pressure test and temperature test.

BS4343 sockets and plugs products gallery

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