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ZZDQ Commando Socket and Plug

Why is it so-called: Everything about Commando socket.

To be simple, Commando socket and Commando plug refer to nothing but the industrial plug and socket. But why Commando? The answer hides in history.

If you look back on the history of industrial socket and plug, there was no universal industrial standard until IEC, namely the International Electrotechnical Commission (, who introduced the full standard for these products. This standard is categorized under IEC60309.

After this standard is fully used across Europe, the English brand MK Commando ( was arguably the best brand for industrial socket and plug. When people were looking for the industrial plug and socket, they are looking for the MK Commando brand at that time.

To summary, there are two reasons why the Commando socket is so-called:

  1. It’s just a habit. The Commando is to industrial plug and socket what Coca Cola is to carbonate beverage, or what Facebook is to social media. In other words, when you are seeking for an industrial plug or socket, you are not necessarily looking for the exact English brand MK Commando, you are searching for any product that has the same standard.
  2. The word “Commando” has another meaning of “strong unit”. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary (, Commando means “a military unit trained and organized as shock troops especially for hit-and-run raids into enemy territory”. As a matter of fact, the industrial plug and socket are similar to the strong unit in terms of their mission which is to deal with any difficult and extreme situation.

Features of ZZDQ commando socket and plug

Not all the industrial sockets and plugs can be called Commando product, only if they have the following features:

  • IP44 or IP67 waterproof and splash-proof protection against the wet environment.
  • Great resistance to chemicals.
  • The pins must be nickel-plated.
  • The earth pin is longer than other pins in its length so that it is the last one to be disconnected.
  • The specifications (amperes, voltage, etc.), as well as the terminal marks, are clearly specified on the product.
  • The products are easy to dismantle and install.

ZZDQ offers the best commando plug and socket

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