CEE Form Connector For Sale

The connectors manufactured by ZZDQ complies fully with the industrial standards of IEC309, EN6039, GB11918/11919, DIN49462/49463, and BS4343. Like our plugs and sockets, you can select from a very broad product range, please check the images of the best-seller cee connector below. You can also download our brochure also at the bottom of this page.

The CEE form connector features:

  • Easy wiring. Special dual screws design makes the wiring super easy.
  • Easy to use. The PA made connector housing is smooth everywhere, even around the corner.
  • Great environment adaptability. The good mating accuracy and good resistance to acid and alkali secure your connection anywhere.

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ZZDQ Industrial Cee Connector Specifications

Place of OriginChina
Number of Poles2P+E, 3P+E, 4P+E
Conductor MaterialNickel-plated brass
Earth Position4h, 6h
Current Range16a, 32a, 63a, 125a
Voltage Range110v-415v
Housing MaterialPP/PA
Ingress Protection RatingIP44 – IP67
Standards & CertificatesIEC, CEE, CE, CB, CCC, TUV
Below are images of the hot sale products that we offer

IP67 waterproof cee form connector

IP67 waterproof cee industrial connector

IP67 waterproof cee industrial connector

IP67 industrial cee connector side look
the tail section of IP67 cee form connector
the front look of IP67 waterproof cee connector

IP44 splashproof cee form connector

5 pin cee industrial connector

5 pins cee form industrial connector

IP44 3 phase cee connector red
IP44 splash proof cee form connector

economic cee form connector

cheap cee form connector 32a

economic cee form connector

cheap cee form connector front
16a cee connector

 To check all the details and to select the best cee form connector for you, please download the full version of industrial cee plugs and sockets catalogue.

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