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Industrial Socket Box For Sale

We supply you with the innovative industrial socket box, industrial socket combination, socket distribution box. These “combi” socket products help you to deal with many connection situations where mobility and flexibility are highly required. We have a large variety of industrial socket box, please check the images below to find the best solution for you.

Industrial socket box features:

  • Many different and unique designs for you to select.
  • Extremely handy. High mobility.
  • There are IP44 and IP67 protection rating.
  • The box enclosure is flameproof.
  • The socket module configuration choice is wide: 16a, 32a, 110v-415v, 2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin, etc.

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Below are images of the hot sale products that we offer

Industrial socket distribution box

industrial socket distribution box 3 sockets
industrial socket distribution box 4 sockets
industrial socket distribution box 5 sockets
industrial socket distribution box 6 sockets

industrial socket combination

industrial socket box 2 socket combination
industrial socket box combination 8 sockets
industrial socket box 12 sockets combination

 To check all the details and to select the best industrial socket distribution box, please download the full version of industrial cee plugs and sockets catalogue.

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